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Deep and Granular Crypto Data Required By Regulatory Agencies

Amberdata provides the deepest and most granular digital asset data for regulators and other public sector users. Get every transaction for every wallet on all the blockchains that matter to drive market oversight and surveillance.

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Amberdata and Infotrend Partner to Support SEC on its Blockchain and Digital Assets Data Contract
Use Case

SEC To Utilize Full Suite of Amberdata’s Digital Asset Data

Amberdata and Infotrend have partnered to equip the SEC with the full suite of Amberdata’s offerings across market data, blockchain data, and decentralized finance (DeFi) data.

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Get Actionable Data without Building Massive Data Infrastructure

As a regulatory or other public sector agency, comprehensive, granular data is a requirement to effectively monitor and oversee digital asset markets and activity. However accessing data from 100s of centralized and decentralized exchanges requires a massive data infrastructure that is prohibitively expensive to build and maintain.

Amberdata provides comprehensive, reliable data infrastructure that connects to all the markets and blockchains that matter. We extract, aggregate, normalize, correlate and organize the data in time series so that public sector and regulatory agencies can access actionable information to drive effective regulation and ongoing oversight of digital assets.

Data Infrastructure for Regulators and Other Public Sector Organizations

Reliable data infrastructure built to connect all relevant markets and blockchains. With consistent updates for new blockchains, markets and assets, you’ll continuously monitor digital asset activity.

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