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AmberLens Digital Asset Market Intelligence

Built for asset managers, researchers, analysts, and traders, AmberLens is a hub of institutional market dashboards developed with the most granular digital asset data available. 


AmberLens: Digital Asset Market Intelligence

As the only publicly-available hub of institutional-grade digital asset metrics, AmberLens gives your portfolio the edge with a trusted and unified lens into the entire cryptoeconomy. 

✅ Extensive UI with frequent dashboard additions and updates

✅ Digital asset insights derived from traditional financial metrics

✅ Event-based charts and market indicators like market sentiment and top/bottom metrics

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Key Dashboards

Market Indicators

Designed to empower institutional decision-making, dive into BTC and ETH top/bottom indicators, market sentiment, user activity, and miner metrics. 

ETF Flows

Navigate the excitement of crypto ETFs effortlessly with transparent insights into inflows, outflows, and holdings by entity.

Stablecoin Volatility

Harness the power of stablecoins and leverage metrics like total stablecoin supply and supply by type or asset.

Ethereum Network Metrics

Leverage crucial Ethereum network data including supply, active validators, supply change, and market cap

Treasury-Backed RWA

Track the growth of the growing landscape of real-world assets across Ethereum. See in-depth dashboards that include $MPLcashUSDC (Maple), $BUIDL (Blackrock), and $OUSG (Ondo)

Spot and Options Overviews

Get an overview of centralized exchanges and options markets, and view metrics that include trading volume, frequently traded tokens, and open interest. 

Use Cases

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Digital Asset Market Intelligence



Need the data?

When your traders, analysts, asset managers, or researchers want to dig deeper into the granular data and insights that power AmberLens, subscribe to and consume that data via our comprehensive API or your preferred analytics/AI platforms.


Leverage the comprehensive historical digital asset data through Amazon Web Services, delivered in parquet and updated daily.

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Eliminate complex data ingestion processes and accelerate time to insights by accessing Amberdata’s data and analytics on Snowflake Marketplace.

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Google Big Query

Seamlessly use Amberdata with Google Cloud’s Analytics Hub and leverage AI, ML, visualization tools, and analytics capabilities to drive deep insights and make more informed business decisions.

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Databricks Marketplace

Databricks Marketplace, delivered by the Delta Sharing standard, is an open marketplace for data, AI, and analytics assets such as ML models, notebooks, and applications.

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Read about our Bitcoin Market Indicators

In this report, we explore how institutions can leverage the Bitcoin Market Indicators on AmberLens to understand the forces driving Bitcoin market trends.

Introducting Bitcoin Market Indicators