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Actionable Data for Effective Back Office Management

Digital assets require new solutions — Amberdata’s institutional-grade data gives your back office the ability to confidently address accounting, administration and compliance in this complex, decentralized asset class.

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Tax, Accounting & Administration


Simplify the Complex

The complex nature of digital assets and DeFi complicate accounting and tax compliance. The number of transactions associated with a DEX liquidity provider — token transfers, staking tokens into pools, obtaining fees, rewards, and more — shows the complexity.

With each transaction, there's potential to make or lose money. Amberdata's comprehensive, granular data makes accounting and tax compliance possible.



Stay Ahead of Regulatory Change

Major regulatory changes are coming for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Digital assets’ complexity and decentralized nature means that regulatory compliance is, and will continue to be a major challenge.

Continuous evolution of regulations is a given for the foreseeable future. Ensure compliance with comprehensive data from Amberdata.

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