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Amberdata Reference Rates

Amberdata’s reference rates are calculated from real trades and follow a robust methodology. With penalties for exchanges with low trading activity or price volatility coupled with an emphasis on weights, our reference rate is institutional-grade and the industry standard.

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Crypto Reference Rates

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Digital Asset Reference Rates

Amberdata provides institutional grade, hourly, and daily price reference rates that adhere to international best practices for financial benchmarks, including IOSCO.

Our robust methodology handles outliers and selects the most representative price using four dimensions of weights. With daily rates across NYC, London, Tokyo, Singapore/Hong Kong, and Dubai, we ensure accuracy and reliability.

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Expert Compliance and Trust

SOC I and SOC II Compliant

Amberdata is proud to be SOC I and SOC II compliant and is monitored by Drata. 


Amberdata is GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)  aligned.


Amberdata adheres to the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks. 

Institutional-Grade Methodology

Read our white paper detailing our robust reference rates methodology.

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Amberdata Reference Rates

Manipulation Resistant

Our methodology is highly immune to manipulation through the use of weights and medians.

Shielded from Outliers

Our rates are highly resistant to outliers and penalize illiquid and highly volatile exchanges.

Thorough Exchange Vetting

Reference rates are produced using exchanges that meet select quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Best Representation of Supply and Demand

Recent data is weighted more heavily to ensure accuracy and preserve relevancy.

Use Cases

Data Delivery


Robust latest and historical hourly and daily reference rates

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Power any use case with S3 reference rates bulk data downloads

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Delivery Partnerships

Accelerate time to insights using platforms like Snowflake and Google Analytics Hub.

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Reference Rates Guide

Read a summary of crypto reference rates, our methodology, and more.

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