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Asset Reference & Classification (ARC)

ARC offers seamless digital asset data mapping and security mastery, all open-sourced. With Amberdata, unlock a new era of transparent security mastery and integrate financial insights across your organization.

The Digital Asset Transparency Problem

Traditional financial institutions use open-standard security masters to ensure consistency and accuracy in asset identification, streamline operational processes, and facilitate regulatory compliance. However, there are no unified security masters for digital assets. Proprietary digital asset security masters are costly and lack transparency, and inaccurate information and an absence of industry standardization for metadata and asset classifications are major challenges for the entire digital asset class. 

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Asset Reference and Classification

The First Open-Source Digital Asset Reference and Security Master

Where others see chaos, we see harmony. As the first open-source asset mapping and security master, ARC integrates institutions with a comprehensive and completely transparent dataset. With precise data, frequent updates, and community contributions, Amberdata is proud to democratize data and unite the entire digital asset ecosystem.

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Key Features

Open-Source Dataset

Break free from proprietary constraints. Our open-source solution empowers you to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing crypto-economy and unify digital asset markets.

Institutional-Grade Security Master

Experience a new level of security master unification that surpasses institutional industry standards and aligns your front, middle, and back offices.

Non-Hierarchical Classification

The digital asset economy moves fast, and ARC evolves with it. With flexible tagging, classify assets as their intended use cases and underlying technology change.

Amberdata's ARC initiative is a significant step forward for the digital asset industry. The lack of a standard security master has long been a barrier to efficient operations and regulatory compliance. By introducing an open-source approach with ARC, they're not only breaking down the walled gardens but also addressing the fundamental need for interoperability and transparency.

Dennis Chou | Director of Trading at Pantera

The debut of ARC by Amberdata marks a pivotal advancement in blockchain technology's evolution, bridging the gap between traditional finance standards and onchain operations. By introducing ARC, we can expect greater transparency, alignment, and cross-chain collaboration, catalyzing widespread adoption within our industry.

Will Nuelle | General Partner of Ventures at Galaxy

Amberdata’s Asset Reference and Classification (ARC) database is a timely and much-needed contribution to the industry. As demand from institutional clients continues to increase, the ARC equips these clients with critical infrastructure to derive standardization, transparency, and completeness in their digital asset activities. In turn, we anticipate market participants may find increased confidence in digital assets by ARC connecting disparate dots.

Mira Witzig Borja | VP of Markets Strategic Investments at Citi

Move as Quickly as the Digital Asset Economy with a Flexible Classification System

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ARC Benefits

End-to-End Alignment

Leverage a security master that integrates seamlessly with Amberdata’s extensive crypto market, blockchain, and DeFi data offering. Align your front, middle, and back offices and make informed decisions from a standardized, unassailable dataset.

Transparent Classification and Reference

Transparency isn't just a feature—it's our foundation. Offset the closed-door nature of proprietary digital asset security masters with a transparent security master and methodology.

Immutable Records

With point-in-time data, leverage an immutable security master to keep accurate records of the ever-changing digital asset landscape.

Unparalleled Trust

With ARC, we have taken an inclusive approach to ensure the highest standards of security and trust. Capitalize on our open standardized asset mapping and classifications that have unified the global digital asset economy.

Use Cases

Full-Suite Data Integration

Amberdata leads the charge in unifying the global crypto-economy, making us the preferred choice for those who seek standardization without compromise. To learn how you can use ARC with Amberdata's suite of digital asset data and market intelligence, speak to a member of our team.

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Empower your entire organization with the transparency, standardization, and trust it deserves.

25 + Asset Tags
4000 + Assets
125000 + Instruments

Read the ARC White Paper

As the first open-sourced digital asset standard, ARC enables institutions to keep accurate records of highly dynamic digital assets across various dimensions. Get an in-depth look into the methodology and benefits of ARC.

ARC White Paper