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Leverage Digital Asset Data Built To Support Mid Office Functions

The complexity of digital assets makes both the risk management and treasury functions more complicated. Amberdata has built and continues to maintain enterprise-grade infrastructure to deliver trusted digital asset data, streamlining your processes.

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Mid Office Use Cases

Risk Treasury



Stay on top of risk in the cryptoeconomy

Digital assets present opportunities for high returns but are subject to extreme volatility. Monitoring your firm’s digital asset trading to identify and manage risk requires accurate and reliable data. But with the scale and decentralized nature of the cryptoeconomy, acquiring that data is a real challenge. In the face of this uncertainty, you'll want a partner you can rely on.


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Preparing for Change

The world of money and financial instruments is becoming more digitized, and treasurers need to adapt accordingly. Entering a complex new asset class presents tremendous opportunity, but also new and unique risks.

You need comprehensive, granular data to add digital assets to the balance sheet. To do this, you need a partner like Amberdata, a trusted expert in digital asset data.

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