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AD Derivatives: Institutional Grade Crypto Options Analytics

AD Derivatives provides comprehensive spot, vol, and derivatives data history, together with a robust set of analytics and tools that allow traders to identify opportunities, manage risk and build better strategies.

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The One Stop Shop For Professional Crypto Options Traders

Identify Opportunity, Analyze Trade Activity & Manage Risk

The nascent nature of the crypto options market causes pricing inefficiencies and positive expected value trades. Identify mis-pricings and high probability trades in the budding crypto options market.  Monitor trade flow and changes in open interest. Detailed analysis helps traders understand what whales and other big fish are doing in the crypto options market, providing insight into hidden trading opportunities. Use option calculators to estimate probabilities, Black-Scholes pricing and different implied volatility outputs.

Key Data and Insights

Live Stats
  • Implied Volatility Pricing From Various Venues
  • Volume, Open Interest And Deep Liquidity Profiles
  • Times And Sales Data
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Historical Data
  • Investigate Trade And Quote Data
  • Compare The Current Implied Volatility Environment Versus Historical Volatility
  • Explore Trends In Open Interest And Put/Call Ratios
  • Investigate Block-Trades Using Our “Block-Sniffer”
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  • Compare CeFi Versus DeFi Trade Data
  • Find Edge And Alpha In The Nascent DeFi Option Markets
  • Analyze On-Chain Liquidity And Volume Data
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Flexible Access

Access a vast repository of spot and historical crypto options data through a comprehensive API or use robust analytics UI tools to identify and evaluate opportunities, manage risk and build better trading strategies.

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Best in Class Options & Derivatives Analytics

AD Derivatives options analytics tools and data sets are built based on years of deep options trading expertise and trusted by institutional traders.



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