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Integrate Digital Assets Into The Front Office With Comprehensive Data

Don't build and maintain costly digital asset data infrastructure. Amberdata provides the data you need to make front office activities data-driven and effective.

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Front Office Use Cases

Trading Research Portfolio Management



Data To Drive Algorithmic Trading Strategies

In digital assets, you can execute algorithmic trading on spot markets, derivatives exchanges, or decentralized exchanges (DEX), so you’ll need data across them. With fundamental (on-chain) data and price movement market data, you can build a crypto alpha generation platform to develop quantitative financial models or trading strategies that generate consistent alpha, or absolute returns.



Set Research Analysts Up for Success

To make accurate and relevant investment recommendations for portfolio managers, research analysts must understand:

  • Digital asset movement, and how to rank them and identify trends

  • Transaction volume, liquidity, holdings and smart contracts on centralized and decentralized exchanges

  • How to build risk models, identify opportunity, and understand every digital asset

Equip your research analysts with the data to drive successful investment decisions and more with Amberdata's solutions.

Portfolio Management


Allocate Portfolios to Digital Assets With Confidence

Whether you're working with individuals or more focused on institutional or corporate investors, you need data if you are allocating a portion of your clients' portfolios to digital assets. Amberdata provides the comprehensive digital asset data you need to assess risk and opportunity to determine how to allocate client portfolios to digital assets.

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