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Amberdata Data Delivery and Distribution

Amberdata provides award-winning, institutional-grade infrastructure through versatile delivery and distribution methods, enabling every customer use case.

Amberdata API

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Institutional-Grade DATA Infrastructure

The Most Comprehensive API in the Market

Amberdata offers a scalable, secure, and reliable API. With crypto market, blockchain network, decentralized finance, and crypto options data, our customers get a holistic view of the digital asset landscape. Our versatile API enables informed decision-making, in-depth analysis, and deep insights into the digital asset class.

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API Delivery Methods


Stream with Websockets for real-time, low-latency applications.

API Documentation

Leverage robust historical cryptocurrency market, DeFi, and blockchain data. 

API Documentation

Directly query Amberdata's nodes and send transactions to the blockchain with RPC.

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AWS S3 Bulk Downloads

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Power Any Use Case with AWS S3

Leverage the comprehensive historical digital asset data through Amazon Web Services, delivered in parquet and updated daily.

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S3 Use Cases


Access historical prices, trades, and order book data to simulate the execution of trading strategies and investment models.

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Use large volumes of historical data to gain insights into market trends, crypto asset behavior, and protocol performance.

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Enable compliance teams with granular historical datasets. Monitor transactions, conduct audits, and manage risk.

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Leverage comprehensive data sets to generate reports and audits, ensure transparency, and keep up with regulatory requirements.

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Amberdata Derivatives App


Amberdata Derivatives Analytics Platform

AD Derivatives offers institutional-grade analytics, tools, and data sets built on years of deep trading expertise and trusted by institutional traders. Access our comprehensive API and customizable analytics UI tools to visualize data and trends. Launch the App

Key Features


Hit the ground running with our pre-built dashboards, charts, and API notebooks.

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Save your favorite charts and their settings. Drag and drop charts to create custom dashboards. 

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Deep History and Expertise

AD Derivatives is built by expert traders, allowing for full access to cutting-edge metrics and research.

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Trusted Partners and Service

With trusted exchange partners and experienced advisors, our deep expertise ensures smooth integrations and constant assistance.

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Delivery Partnerships

Amberdata Launches Stablecoin Insights into Lending Protocols (3)-1

Snowflake Data Delivery

Given the speed at which the global crypto economy operates, prompt and efficient access to data is vital. Amberdata is proud to offer its comprehensive blockchain network, crypto market, and decentralized finance data on Snowflake Marketplace.

Eliminate complex data ingestion processes and accelerate time to insights by accessing Amberdata’s data and analytics on Snowflake.

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Amberdata Announces Availability on Google Cloud’s Analytics Hub
Curate unique datasets backed by the power of BigQuery

Google Analytics Hub

Amberdata’s comprehensive digital asset datasets and analytics are now accessible via Google Cloud’s Analytics Hub.

Seamlessly leverage Amberdata in tandem with Google Cloud AI, ML, visualization tools, and analytics capabilities to drive deep insights and make more informed business decisions.

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Amberdata Announces Availability on Databricks Marketplace-2
Directly integrate into models, visualization tools, and more

Databricks Marketplace

Amberdata's cutting-edge digital asset data and analytics are now available through Databricks’ data, analytics, and AI marketplace, Databricks Marketplace.

Powered by the open-source Delta Sharing standard, using Databricks can simplify data management and allow quick access to digital asset datasets for research, trading, risk, analytics, reporting, and compliance, which is vital given the speed at which today’s global cryptoeconomy operates.

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Visualize the Entire Crypto Economy

Query crypto market, blockchain, and DeFi data with SQL and use any preferred visualization tool. 

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Leverage Cloud-based Delivery

Get immediate access to the most comprehensive and granular historical datasets. Reduce development and integration times.

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Access Full Historical Data

Get access to any of Amberdata’s historical datasets through Snowflake. Download free sample datasets.

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Data Marketplaces


Get Amberdata's extensive insights on Neudata, the SaaS catalog of alternative datasets from leading global organizations. 

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Nasdaq Data Link

Use Amberdata's order book, trades, and best bid and offer (BBO) data on Nasdaq’s Digital Assets Market Data suite.

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Explore Crypto Options

This eBook explores the past four years of crypto options, BTC volatility trends, and how to gain an advantage in this new asset class.

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