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Visibility into the
DeFi Ecosystem

The only source of comprehensive, multi chain DeFi data. Supporting any use case on 100+ decentralized exchanges and lending and borrowing protocols.

A Unique View into Decentralized Finance

DeFi Price Data Prices across decentralized exchanges, by asset or by pair.  Learn More
DeFi Market Data Real-time and historical data for DeFi metrics, trades, OHLCV (candlesticks), TWAP, and VWAP.  Learn More
DEX Data

Latest and historical DEX liquidity snapshots, pool and provider events, positions, and profits and losses. Multi-chain DEX data from the wallet, pool, and protocol-level.

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Lending Protocol Data Multi-chain lending asset and protocol summaries and profit and loss insights. View the lending ecosystem from the wallet, pool, protocol, governance, and portfolio lens. Learn More
DeFi Derivatives The most comprehensive set of DeFi options vaults and DEXs. Explore popular exchanges with our extensive API and interactive analytic tools. Learn More

Get latest and historical insights into how stablecoins move through decentralized exchanges and lending protocols.

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Use Cases

Get access to granular real-time and historical data to efficiently manage your Decentralized Finance portfolio.

Trusted By

Getting reliable access to high quality on and off-chain data is essential for the Gauntlet platform, and Amberdata has been a great partner for the last 3+ years. They have worked closely with us to support our ever expanding set of use cases, and have a comprehensive product offering that covers much of the crypto data landscape.

Rei Chiang | Cofounder and CTO of Gauntlet Networks

Learn About
Digital Asset Data

This eBook explores digital asset data, the challenges with accessing it, and how to overcome them to gain an advantage in the asset class.

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