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Blockchain Data Built for Application Specific Use Cases

Access fundamental network activities and metrics across the major networks from our scalable infrastructure. Get real-time and historical balances and transactions for every digital asset and wallet.

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Raw Blockchain Data Transformed Into Actionable Information

On-chain data is key to gaining visibility into network fundamentals, DEX transactions, and account balances/activities. Because blockchain technology is so complex, developing investment strategies, managing risk, and maintaining regulatory compliance is impossible without this data.

Amberdata accesses raw on-chain data from all the blockchain networks that matter and produces comprehensive, granular, and unfiltered data sets usable for making investment decisions.

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Key Features

Get visibility into fundamental blockchain activities, transactions, and metrics to address your application-specific use cases. Leverage historical data across blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Basic Blockchain Insights

Get transaction histories, smart contract data, events, and logs for every digital asset, allowing analysis of the distributed ledger powering crypto-economics. Transparency is provided into the entire network and market impact, real-time and historically.

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Mempool & Pending Transactions

See the future! With mempool and pending transaction data, you can watch transactions in-flight before they are incorporated into a block, as well as identify large movements to or from exchanges, counterparties, or addresses of interest.

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Token Prices & Metrics

Enable real-time operational intelligence with on-chain events and data for every token, combined with Level I and Level II market data across the top exchanges. Understand movement within an entire blockchain.

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Account Balances & Activity

Get insight into full historical activity for all accounts. We provide an efficient, low-latency solution for wallets, decentralized applications (dApps), and traders. Access the real-time data needed for accounting, tax compliance, and portfolios - all without running your own nodes.

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Network Metrics

Our blockchain API provides deep insights into the state and health of the networks, cryptocurrencies, and activity with metrics such as hash rates, issuance, miner activity, fees, supply, asset, and address activity.

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Key On-Chain Indicators

Monitor on-chain market fundamentals and catalysts so you are never caught off guard. Leverage NVT, asset adoption, uniques, risk-adjusted returns, volatility, and asset velocity to inform your decisions.

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Valuation Models & Rankings

Learn what is moving markets. Filter, rank digital currencies, and gain context from popular valuation models like stock-to-flow.

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Access comprehensive transaction data, including sending and receiving addresses, token transfers, fees (gas), amounts, op codes, block numbers,  hashes, timestamps, and more

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Blockchain API Use Cases

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Data Delivery

Take advantage of versatile data delivery and API docs in accessible JSON data format.


Receive data from any of our blockchain endpoints, immediately after the data becomes available.

API Docs

Explore robust historical blockchain data from a singular API. 

API Docs

Leverage traditional JSON RPC methods to send transactions to the blockchain.

API Docs

Bulk downloads of blockchain network data to power any use case.

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Delivery Partnerships

Accelerate time to insights using platforms like Snowflake and Google Analytics Hub.

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Read comprehensive reports and analyses of blockchain networks and the entire cryptoeconomy. 

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Amberdata is the only source of high-quality, comprehensive data providing transparency, price discovery, and the data required for regulated firms to maintain compliance and stay relevant as customers demand access to digital assets.

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Digital Asset Data

This eBook explores digital asset data, the challenges with accessing it, and how to overcome them to gain an advantage in the asset class.

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