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Develop or Enhance
Products with Digital Asset Data

Accessing digital asset data is complex and expensive. Partner with the experts at Amberdata to get access to comprehensive, granular digital asset data and bring your products to market faster and more cost-effectively.

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What It Takes To Navigate Digital Asset Data

As a product owner building solutions for financial institutions and/or crypto-natives, it’s likely you are enhancing existing products or building new ones for the digital asset class.

For those that aren't completely immersed in digital assets, it may not be clear how difficult it is to access digital asset data. Whether you're building research dashboards, institutional crypto custody, or tax solutions, you'll need digital asset market and on-chain data from numerous exchanges and blockchains, requiring you to build infrastructure and gain the expertise to turn raw data into actionable information.

The Solution

The Advantage of Outsourced Expertise & Infrastructure

Amberdata has built a data infrastructure that connects to all the blockchains and markets that matter today, allowing you to focus on bringing your digital asset products to market faster.

Our deep expertise has allowed us to build proprietary datasets that are indexed, searchable, and normalized to time series so you can easily integrate digital asset data and insights into your products.

Solutions Built
For Fintech Professionals

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