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Financial Institutions

Discover how partnering with Amberdata for digital asset data infrastructure enables you to concentrate on your core business — providing financial products and services to your clients.

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Get the Data You Need to Succeed in Digital Assets Effortlessly

Financial institutions need high-quality digital asset data and infrastructure to understand digital asset markets, volatility, liquidity, and fundamentals. Building and maintaining a massive data infrastructure and extracting and processing the data to create actionable information is extremely expensive and requires niche expertise. Get the fundamentals, market structural insights and signals to inform and catalyze your decisions on cryptos and other digital assets from Amberdata.

The Solution

Stand Out in the Asset Class

Whether you've already entered the digital asset class or are still strategizing, Amberdata accelerates your ability to bring new digital asset products to market. Our digital asset data solutions streamline the go-to-market process by eliminating the need to build data infrastructure and gain the expertise to turn raw data into actionable information you can actually use.

With every day that passes, new crypto-native market entrants are gaining market share. Amberdata helps you innovate and get competitive quickly.

Data for Every Pre and Post-Trade Need

Get the comprehensive digital asset data needed to support the full trading lifecycle from Amberdata

Enabling Your Success in Digital Assets

Building your own digital asset data infrastructure requires a massive and ongoing investment in time, money, and expertise. Let Amberdata provide that infrastructure for you, so you can focus on your core business instead.

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Market Data

Comprehensive real-time and historical price data, order books, reference data, and more

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Crypto Options Analytics

Comprehensive spot, vol, and derivatives data history, together with a robust set of analytics and tools

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