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Trade Data

Amberdata offers post-trade crypto data from the world's leading exchanges, all within a single API. Elevate your business with best-in-class cryptocurrency metrics and aggregations.

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Tick-Level Trade Data, All in One Place

  • Leverage every tick-level trade on all supported exchanges
  • See buy and sell orders, along with timestamps, instruments, and prices.
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Cryptocurrency Prices Explore Price Data
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  • Latest and historical liquidations across futures, options, and swaps
  • Coverage for every instrument on every supported exchange
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Derivatives and Options Explore AD Derivatives

Use Cases

Understand the Centralized Exchange Market Share

Visualize cryptocurrency volume data such as Binance or GDAX trade history. 




Interested in DeFi Trade Data?

Find value in real-time and historical decentralized exchange (DEX) data to efficiently manage your portfolio.


  • Tick-by-tick DeFi trade data, normalized and timestamped.
  • DEX data from a blockchain’s genesis block.
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Delivery and Distribution

Leverage cryptocurrency data formats that work for you.


Real-time cryptocurrency market data with trade stamps down to the nanosecond.

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Rest API

Robust historical cryptocurrency trade data from a singular API. 

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FIX Protocol

Connect to retrieve Market Data via the Financial Information eXchange protocol.

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Trade cryptocurrency data in S3 delivery across spot, futures, and options. 

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Delivery Partnerships

Accelerate time to insights using platforms like Snowflake and Google Analytics Hub.

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Read comprehensive reports and analyses of the cryptoeconomy. 

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Learn About
Digital Asset Data

This eBook explores digital asset data, the challenges with accessing it, and how to overcome them to gain an advantage in the asset class.

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