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DeFi Market Data

Get real-time and historical comprehensive Decentralized Finance market data to power trading, research, strategy, risk management, and compliance.

Latest and Historical DeFi Market Data

  • Tick-by-tick DeFi trade data, normalized and timestamped.
  • DEX data from a blockchain’s genesis block.
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Reference Rates
  • DeFi Volume Weighted Price (VWAP)
  • DeFi Time Weighted Average (TWAP)

  • DeFi Open High Low Close Volume (OHLCV) 

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  • Daily metrics for decentralized exchanges at the exchange, asset, or pair level. 
  • Fees, volume, and total value locked (TVL).
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Visualize the Decentralized Finance Economy

Leverage granular real-time and historical decentralized exchange (DEX) data to efficiently manage your portfolio.

Use Cases

Distribution and Granularity


Robust latest and historical data for accessing DeFi trades, reference rates, and metrics.

API Documentation

Real-time DeFi trades with trade stamps down to the nanosecond.

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S3 Buckets

Extensive AWS S3 buckets for historical DEX trades.

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Identify DeFi Arbitrage

This eBook explores decentralized and centralized exchange arbitrage using DeFi digital asset data.

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