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Stablecoin Insights

Get comprehensive real-time and historical insights into how stablecoins move and depeg through decentralized exchanges and lending protocols.


Track Stablecoins throughout DeFi

As trusted mechanisms to enter and exit DEXs and lending protocols, stablecoins enable users to participate in decentralized markets while still having an off-ramp to fiat assets. Amberdata's trusted stablecoin insights are vital for DeFi users to operate effectively and make informed financial decisions.

✅ Highly granular stablecoin aggregates across protocols.

✅ Easy-to-parse results, precise to the hour.

✅ Full history of a stablecoin in the top DeFi protocols.

✅ Multi-chain insights within a single API.

Unlock a New Lens into Decentralized Finance

Lending Protocols

Analyze a stablecoin across multiple DeFi lending protocols. See metrics like borrow and deposit ratios, interest earned, and liquidation profits. 

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Decentralized Exchanges

Coming soon: Monitor trading fees, stablecoin concentration, and pool withdrawals and deposits. Get holistic views of a stablecoin's total value locked and compare pools. 

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Track Stablecoin Interest and Utilization


Total interest earned with utilization rates of stablecoin pools.


See Total Deposits by Network


Total stablecoins deposited in DeFi lending protocols.

Visualize the Entire Stablecoin Ecosystem

Data and Delivery


Get stablecoin insights for lending protocols like Aave v2 and v3, MakerDAO, and Compound v2 and v3 across Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche. 

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Robust latest and historical data for exploring stablecoins in DeFi.

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S3 data delivery for historical stablecoin insights. Download a sample file below!

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Delivery Partnerships

Accelerate time to insights using platforms like Snowflake and Google Analytics Hub

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Primer: Becoming a Fiat-Backed Stablecoin Maxi

This eBook explores fiat-backed stablecoins, providing detailed information about many of the most popular coins.

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