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Powering DeFi with Market Data Through First-Party Oracles

Amberdata provides price feeds and other market data to DeFi applications through first-party oracles.

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High Fidelity Digital Asset Data to Power DeFi

Amberdata partners with first-party oracle technology providers to deliver comprehensive digital asset data to DeFi developers and projects. First-party oracles allow data providers to offer their data directly on-chain, providing complete transparency to the source. 

Key Features

First-party oracles provide DeFi developers and projects with transparent access to off-chain data cost-effectively and with reduced risk. Amberdata delivers comprehensive digital asset data in partnership with first-party oracle technology providers, including API3, Pyth Network, Flux Protocol, and Algoracle.


Price Feed

Are you a third-party oracle needing a price feed? We’ve got you covered.

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Trusted By

Amberdata’s high fidelity digital asset data through Algoracle provides dynamic information for the functioning of the Glitter Solana to Algorand bridge.

David Debrovitsky | CEO, Glitter Finance

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Digital Asset Data

This eBook explores digital asset data, the challenges with accessing it, and how to overcome them to gain an advantage in the asset class.

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