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Crypto Historical Data

OKEx is a Seychelles-based centralized crypto spot and derivatives exchange that Star Xu launched in 2017. While not available to U.S. customers, it has millions of worldwide users in more than 100 countries and is the second-biggest crypto exchange by trading volume.  Besides the U.S., OKEx isn't available in Singapore, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Malaysia, Syria, Canada, the United Kingdom (retail derivatives), Bangladesh, Bolivia, Hong Kong (retail derivatives), and Malta. OKEx lists 350+ cryptocurrencies, more than 500 trading pairs, and offers basic trading, such as spot, options, futures, and other derivatives.

It also offers an OKEx Earn, a variety of savings, staking, loans, and DeFi products, and a hot wallet that supports dozens of the major blockchains. OKEx has its own native blockchain—OKEx Chain and native token, OKB. OKEx has partnerships with notable sports teams Man City, McLaren Formula One, and the Australian Olympic Team, and has been a sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival since 2022.

Amberdata’s OKEx crypto market data API

We offer comprehensive OKEx crypto data that includes both OKEx live and OKEx historical price data, reference data, and more. You can use our OKEx data to power data-driven applications and tools for research, trading, risk management, and compliance. We provide real-time streaming data via WebSockets, and our datasets are normalized and standardized to prioritize quality, reliability, and ease of use.

OKEx Funding Rates API Endpoints

Frequency: every eight hours

OKEx TWAP API Endpoints

OKEx VWAP API Endpoints

OKEx OHLCV API Endpoints

Daily compute at 16:00:00




OKEx Open Interest API Endpoints



OKEx Prices API Endpoints

OKEx Tickers API Endpoints




OKEx historical data API

Historical data is of the utmost importance for serious traders. You can use our OKEx historical data for trading and investment analysis, portfolio management, to determine market sentiment, and more. We offer OKEx historical data that's timestamped, tick-by-tick trade data, beginning on 2019-07-11. This data is available via REST API, with bulk historical data downloads available via AWS S3. Our datasets are normalized and standardized for quality, reliability, and ease of use.

OKEx Historical Funding Rates API Endpoints

Frequency: every eight hours

Swaps from 2019-07-12

OKEx Historical TWAP API Endpoints

Spot from 2019-10-01

OKEx Historical VWAP API Endpoints

Spot from 2019-10-01

OKEx Historical OHLCV API Endpoints

Spot from 2019-10-01

Futures from 2021-07-01

Swaps from 2021-01-01

OKEx Historical Open Interest API Endpoints

Futures from 2022-03-11

Swaps from 2021-07-12

OKEx Order Books API Endpoints

Spot from 2020-01-23

Futures from ​​2021-07-12

Swaps from 2021-07-12

OKEx Historical Prices API Endpoints

From 2019-10-01

OKEx Reference Quotes API Endpoints

From 2019-08-16

OKEx Historical Tickers API Endpoints

Spot from 2019-07-11

Futures from 2021-07-12

Swaps from 2021-07-12

OKEx Historical Trades API Endpoints

Spot from 2019-07-11

Futures from 2021-07-13

Swaps from 2021-07-14

AD derivatives API OKEx datasets

We provide comprehensive OKEx derivatives data history, together with a robust set of analytics and tools that enable you to identify opportunities, manage risk, and create and test winning strategies. The newness of the crypto options markets offers a rich field of mispriced options, which our data and tools can help you find. We also offer tools to enable you to monitor trade flow and changes in open interest, giving you insight into hidden trading opportunities.

OKEx Volatility Data

OKEx Open Interest and Volume Data

How to use OKEx data

Our OKEx market data helps you understand current market trends, forecast future price movements, identify volume spikes and liquidity, and find trading opportunities. It also provides the basis for both simple and sophisticated technical trading indicators, such as moving averages, Bollinger Bands, moving average convergence divergence (MACD), and the relative strength index (RSI), all of which help you determine market sentiment and price momentum to aid your decision-making. 

One important use of OKEx market data is in portfolio management. If you trade on OKEx, having access to fast, clean, reliable data from the exchange is paramount to the management of your portfolio. You need to quickly, easily, and accurately use this data to track your holdings, assess portfolio performance, and monitor position and overall risk. Also, the data enables you to strategically establish initial position sizes and add-ons, and determine when to rebalance, which is crucial to multi-position portfolios. Furthermore, our OKEx trading data can be used to create periodic performance reports, which enable you to analyze your trading system's strengths and weaknesses, and create performance benchmarks.

Another important way to utilize our OKEx market data is for the analysis of market sentiment. For instance, bid/ask order quantities reflect supply and demand dynamics and offer crucial insights into market sentiment. You can monitor these quantities to get a sense of market direction. As an example, an increase in bid quantities often indicates bullish sentiment and upward price pressure. Similarly, volume is a good sentiment indicator. Increasing volume in the direction of a price move often indicates gathering momentum and strength in the continuation of the move. Conversely, declining volumes can indicate that a move is running out of gas. For options, open interest tracks the total number of open (or outstanding) positions in a particular instrument, such as a Bitcoin call option. By analyzing open interest, you can assess the strength of the market; for instance, high open interest can indicate strong market participation and potential for price movements, while low open interest may signal a lack of market interest or activity.