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DEX and Lending Protocol Data

Amberdata has the largest multi-chain coverage of historical and real-time data for the most active decentralized exchanges and DeFi lending protocols. Financial institutions can leverage the entire DeFi ecosystem with lenses into wallets, pools, protocols, and protocol governance.

DEX and Lending & Borrowing

Lenses into Decentralized Finance

✅ Latest and historical data, normalized and sourced directly from the blockchain

✅ One singular API for all DEXs and DeFi lending protocols

✅ Standardized multi-chain data

✅ Granularity as low as 1s

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DeFi Lending and DEX Lenses


Access a wallet's latest and historical balances and see collateral supplied, crypto assets borrowed, net worth, and risk metrics.

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Follow specific digital assets or pools and see every moment. Monitor loans, view every event, and track liquidity providers

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Understand protocol-wide trends over a fixed period of time and see events including deposits, withdrawals, borrows, repayments, and liquidations. 

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Enable real-time intelligence with deep insights into protocol governance. View wallet voting power, support, and proposal IDs. 

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Visualize Lending Protocols

Leverage S3 data delivery and get multi-chain exposure to lending platforms like Aave v2 and v3, MakerDAO, and Compound. Generate visualizations of critical protocol actions including borrows, deposits, supplies, repayments, withdrawals, reserve as collateral, liquidations, and flash loans.



Lending and Borrowing Protocol Aggregations

Lending Protocol Summary Metrics

Power TVL or lending activity dashboards with multi-chain daily aggregate insights such as borrows, deposits, liquidations, and revenue for a specified lending protocol. 

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Lending Asset Summary Metrics

Understand how an asset performs within a lending protocol with multi-chain aggregate metrics for a specified asset. 

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Portfolio Aggregations

Get complete visibility into a wallet's breakout positions across lending and borrowing protocols. Understand historical balances, track lending and borrowing history, and evaluate asset exposure. Our multi-chain coverage includes Compound v2 and v3, MakerDAO, and Aave v2 and v3.

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Use Cases


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Distribution and Granularity


Robust latest and historical data for DEXs and lending protocols.

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Granular History

Historical data since the inception of a specified lending protocol or DEX, with granularity as low as 1s. 

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S3 lending protocol data delivery to power research and backtesting.

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Delivery Partnerships

Accelerate time to insights using platforms like Snowflake and Google Analytics Hub.

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Digital Asset Data

This eBook explores digital asset data, the challenges with accessing it, and how to overcome them to gain an advantage in the asset class.

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