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DeFi Derivatives

The most comprehensive set of DeFi options vaults and DEXs. Explore popular exchanges with our extensive API and interactive analytics platform.

AD Derivatives

Decentralized Finance Options Vaults and DEXs

With the Amberdata Derivatives analytics platform and API, access multi-chain liquidity and volume data to find edge and alpha in the nascent DeFi Option Markets. 

✅ Explore complex DeFi Options analytics including skews, net vega, delta exposure, and open interest. 

✅ Compare CeFi Versus DeFi Trade Data.

✅ Identify top traders and monitor their decentralized finance strategies.

✅ Explore live and historical DeFi data as far back as the protocol itself. 

Use Cases

  • Access metrics like skews and implied volatility to gauge the market's expectations and sentiment.
  • Identify assets with high volatility or potential changes in volatility levels.

  • Analyze the current market price of underlying digital assets to make informed trading decisions in the DeFi derivatives market.

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  • Conduct thorough market analysis and research on derivatives markets to identify trends, patterns, and potential trading opportunities in DeFi.
  • Assess underlying assets to determine their spot/vol dynamics and potential impact on derivative prices.
  • Conduct a comparative analysis of different derivatives markets, such as traditional markets or CeFi versus DeFi markets, to identify advantages, risks, and opportunities in each.
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Risk Management
  • Utilize decentralized options to hedge against price risk and protect investment portfolios.
  • Diversify derivative trading activities across different assets, markets, and strategies to mitigate concentration risk.
  • Leverage risk measurement tools to evaluate pay-offs and adjust centralized and decentralized derivative trading strategies accordingly.
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Best in Class Decentralized Finance Derivatives Analytics


Deep Historical Data

Historical data as far back as the protocol itself.

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Unparalleled Granularity

Leverage granularity as low as 1s.

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Custom Workspaces Save your favorite charts and settings in a customized dashboard. Request a Demo


Data Delivery


Robust latest and historical data for accessing decentralized options and derivatives.

API Documentation

Access advanced derivatives analytics for options & futures by downloading CSVs.

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Python Modules

Simplify your data delivery with our Python plug-in and Jupyter notebooks.

API Documentation

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